PM, Atif

We have partnered with WallTech for the last few years and so far, our experience has been very great with them. WallTech's eTower platform has proven to be a very crucial part of our daily operations. In addition to this, the project managers and the entire development team at WallTech have always made sure that they create new solutions to our business requirements and that we can depend on them for providing a dedicated support to our team. We expect to grow our relationship stronger with WallTech in the coming future as we scale up our business operations and we are also looking forward to working with new carriers in the logistics industry and WallTech will certainly be a major part of our business moving forward from here. 


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IT Manager, Xiaozhong Deng

During these 2 years, we glad to see our business growth with WallTech and we get positive feedback from internal team and customers about using eTower as a multi-carrier integration system. Relying on large carrier library in eTower, we save at least two weeks on customer integration. This speed up our business development in China market and increase local customer satisfaction.

Direct Linkers believe we can trust eTower that it will help us to expend our footprint in APAC market as well as all over the world in the future. Not only eTower but also people in WallTech gives us confidence to believe this partnership is a right decision.

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IT PM, Summer Liu

WallTech is a company that is very flexible in creating new solutions that can be implemented right away. Their system keeps on getting updates for all kind of solutions or our user friendless when incidents occur they are really fast in reacting and solving the problems. 



PM, Kees

eTower is a good platform to connect shippers, logistors, brokers and last-mile carriers. It help us to manage our service from Asia and rapidly set up new trade lanes. Working with the good people for WallTech has been a true pleasure. Strengths are good communication and agility.

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